Exove CentOS Yum repositories

This is home page of Exove's CentOS Yum repositories.

These Yum repositories provide extra packages for CentOS 7. Other EL 7 distros are supported as well, for example Scientific Linux. Only x86-64 architecture is supported.

Note! These packages may replace base or EPEL packages!

CentOS 7 (and other EL7 distros)

yum install "https://packages.exove.com/yum/el7/exove-centos-release.el7.noarch.rpm"

GPG key fingerprint

The repository and RPM files are signed with Exove's GPG key.

Key fingerprint:

CBD1 E53D E06A 705A C27A  FAC9 5DF7 6F0D FD93 E787

CentOS 6 and other EL6 distros are obsoleted!

Previously provided EL6 packages have been obsoleted and are no longer updated.